Sunday School at Circle C

I am pleased to report that our board has approved plans for a Sunday School to meet at Circle C for the 2017-2018 School Year.
We will partner with an organization called Institute for Southern Jewish Life, who will provide curriculum content and pedagogical support. The curriculum can be tailored to whatever size group we end up with, and it is adaptable to working with students of varied ages, experience and ability. The curriculum is trans-denominational, developed and continually updated according to best current educational practices, and includes a lot of creative/artistic content. ISJL will provide us with a teaching fellow who will do ongoing teacher training and be available to help us continue to adapt the program to the needs of your children.
Congregation Kol Halev will administer the program, as well as providing teachers and all needed supplies for a cost of $1500 per family for the school year, which will include 30 2-hour sessions during the year. We can adapt the timing to the needs of the group, and will meet at Circle C. All families participating in the Sunday School program will also be entitled to all of the benefits of membership in Kol Halev at no additional cost, and Kol Halev will hold some of their regular events in South Austin.
We will be able to meet the needs of children from preschool age up, and students who participate in the program will be prepared to begin individualized training for their bar/bat mitzvah when that time comes.
There will be an informational meeting on Thursday, July 13 from 6-7:45 at the Circle C Clubhouse.
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